Winter Training General Info

Winter Training 2016-2017:


This will be a 12-week session focused on developing strength, power, and endurance in preparation for the spring 2017 season. Athletes will be challenged to test their limits, fail, and bounce back with stronger performances that will empower them with new levels of confidence. Athletes should emerge from winter training a greater appreciation for what their minds and bodies can achieve.

Schedule: (All practices are at the school)

Varsity – Begins on Monday, December 5th. Mandatory “4 out of 5” if you wish to row in the spring. See below.

Novice – Begins Monday, January 2nd.

Practice will be scheduled from 2:45 – 5:00 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the cafeteria, and 5 – 7:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the fitness center/weight room. Athletes will be expected to be ready to begin practice promptly at 2:45 pm and 5 pm. Practice will end promptly at 4:45 pm and 7 pm, with the final 15 minutes used for clean-up.

Athletes will use changing rooms 163 and 165 which are in the fitness center hallway.

Practices will not be held on days the school is closed.

Commitment and Attendance:

For Varsity level athletes wishing to compete in the spring of 2017, winter training is mandatory unless they are competing in a different winter sport at the school. Multi-sport athletes are encouraged and welcomed on the team in the spring. Participating in a different winter sport will not negatively affect an athlete’s chance of racing in a top boat.

All Varsity athletes are required to attend four out of the five scheduled practices each week. While attending fewer practices will not affect their opportunity to be a part of the team in the spring, it will affect their boat placement for racing. Attending as many practices as possible during winter training will positively impact an athlete’s chances of making a top boat.

For Novice level athletes wishing to compete in the spring of 2017, winter training is optional but encouraged unless they are participating in a different winter sport at the school. Novice athletes can join winter training beginning on January 2nd.  If an athlete is new to Unionville Crew but has at least one full season of rowing experience (either the prior spring or fall, or both), they may join the Varsity athletes beginning in December.

All athletes are encouraged to attend every practice. Winter training is a highly structured training program designed to prepare the team for peak performance in the spring. If an athlete consistently misses one practice a week they are reducing their training by 20%! There is no doubt that a consistent reduction in training volume of this magnitude will affect performance and the athlete must recognize this fact. The “four out of five” rule is meant to be used sporadically and gives athletes the opportunity to miss the occasional practice without the added stress of feeling like they are letting down themselves or the team when it comes to their commitment.

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