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Community Clean Up

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We wanted to thank everyone who came down to the boathouse last Saturday to help with the clean-up.

Bill Steuteville, Dan Tierney, Laura and Keith Nilsen, and Pete Hricko did some back breaking work on vines, bushes, and tall grass. Coach Ed let us borrow his chipper which made quick work of all the branches. Cara Lehmann provide us with a great all natural weed kiler. The athletes shoveled, sorted trash, and re-organized and the end result was a much nicer place to be with a lot more space to store equipment. It was a super hot afternoon but we got some great work done!


It would have been great to have a before picture (Sorry Laura!) but see that area where the three boats are stored? that was completely overgrown with vines, bushes, ivy, and a huge brush pile.

Thanks to Everyone! Great TEAM Work!!

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