Flicks Racing and Spectator Information

What to expect for racing? Races will be run over a 1500 meter course. The Unionville tent is located just past the halfway point in the race. PSRA attempts to seed the races with the various degrees of success. So if there are 12 Novice Boy’s 8’s racing they will just have two races of six boats and see what happens. This means that there may be two, three, or more “flights” of the same category of boat. Each race exists as its own race but you can compare times between races to see where our boats rank overall.

Getting there and parking – It’s Philly, it’s the Schuylkill Expressway, it can be horrible. You will want to approach the course coming south on Kelly Drive. Do not come up Kelly Drive from the Art Museum as this will have you heading in the wrong direction for drop-off. You can come in on the Schuylkill and get of at exit 340 A for Lincoln and Kelly Drive. Or you can come via 95 and drive up 76 (the route seems to generally have less traffic), past Boathouse row across the river on your right, and get off at exit 340 A for Lincoln and Kelly Drive. Use this link as a GPS marker, 2200 Kelly Drive. As you approach the Strawberry Mansion Bridge you will be directed off Kelly Drive and up the hill. You can drop your athlete off anywhere along Kelly Drive before you get to the detour and they can walk down to the trailer. The coaches will make sure all the athletes know where the trailer is located.

Handicapped Parking – Spaces are reserved for those cars with handicapped tags near the Grandstands. A handicapped vehicle must have BOTH a PSRA parking pass and a handicapped tag to enter the Drive. Please speak to a Board member if you need handicapped access as PSRA parking passes are extremely limited.

Transportation of Food and Drinks to the Tent – Golf carts are available to transport your food, cases of water etc. to your tent if you do not have a pass. The PSRA insurance policy does not allow passengers in the golf carts.

Flick Spectator Map

Race Day Alerts – If you haven’t already, sign up for Remind by texting @ucrew to 81010.

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