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Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone ‑ White/Blue

Coaches need the megaphone – this will enable them to adequately instruct the rowers on proper technique from a distance, in a boat over motor and rowing noise.

Sponsoring a megaphone for $300.00 will give you naming rights on the equipment as illustrated, for the life of the megaphone.

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Sponsor / Buy an Oar

Naming an Oar makes great gift or remembrance item – all you do is pick the name up to 18 Characters and it will be printed in high quality waterproof vinyl. It will be applied to the oar, and will remain there for the life of the oar, and if the name gets damaged or unreadable, we will re-print it.

We still have approximately 38 37 oars that are available to the team families to purchase for $200!




NK SpeedCoach GPS – Model 2

The SpeedCoach GPS sync’s with our Cox boxes and is the full-featured rowing performance monitor designed to maximize our teams training effectiveness. Our coach will get detailed insight into your speed, stroke rate and stroke run in any seat of any boat without installing wiring.

Basically this will help the coach to be able to review our workout effectiveness and provide better coaching insight to help us GO FASTER!!

Sponsoring our Speed Coach equipment for $150.00 will give you naming rights on the equipment as illustrated above, for the life of the equipment.

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