Cooper Cup Racing and Information

Cooper Cup Racing Information

Location – Cooper River, Camden, NJ

Unlike our previous races, this races is 2,000 meters. Standard scholastic races like the Flicks are 1,500 meters, but Junior races like the Cooper Cup, and all collegiate and Olympic races are 2,000 meters. It will be an additional test of our fitness.

Also, unlike our previous races, we will be racing against scholastic crews like us (all the kids from one high school) and Junior programs (they draw from many high schools).

The Cooper River is a fantastic race venue, with 6 fully buoyed and straight lanes. Except when the wind is blowing, it is a very fair course. The race will also feature stakeboats – meaning that each crew will back into the starting line where the stern of the boat will be held in place by a volunteer. This keeps all the boats lined up evenly and we don’t have to worry about current.

Getting There and Parking

The venue is about one hour from the school. From I-95 north follow signs to Walt Whitm
an Bridge (past Philadelphia International Airport and the Philadelphia Naval Base). On the bridge stay in right lane and take first right as you come off the bridge. Follow signs to NJ Route 130 north. Stay on Route 130 through one circle (Collingswood Circle). After going under an RR bridge watch for Cooper River on the right (it looks like a lake, not like a river). Take first right after passing the river (the first traffic light). This is North Park Drive. Continue for 2,000 meters.

When you turn on North Park Drive you will be at the start of the race course. Parking for parents will be along North Park Drive or in the Bishop Eustace Parking lot if you purchased a parking pass at the 5th Flick. Bishop Eustace is located near the starting line, so about 1 mile down North Park Drive.

Racing Information

Athletes must arrive 2 hours before the start of their race. Please drop your athlete off as close to the finish line/trailer area as possible.

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