Spring 2017 Update #1

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Spring 2017 Update #1

The spring 2017 season is underway after a little bit of a rough start. The cold and wind of March played havoc with practice. Thankfully the school has space for us to store our ergs right next to the cafeteria, so when we couldn’t go out on the water we could move inside for ergs, stairs, and weight circuits.

The bad weather luck continued into our first two races, as rain and wind caused all of the novice small boat races to be cancelled for the Third Flick and all the morning novice small boat races cancelled for the Fourth Flick. The result is that our Novice Girls have yet to get a taste of racing. With boats flipping and races starting at the 900 meter mark because of the swift current, it was the right call.

The team just finished three days of intense spring break training. When you take away all other distractions and allow the athletes to just focus on rowing, the improvements can be huge in a short amount of time. This year was no different, and all the athletes made significant gains in technique and we had 15 personal records on our 2k erg test on Wednesday! The team is much stronger and rowing much better than last spring.

Go U!

Boy’s Update:

With 20 athletes the Varsity Boy’s have been able to row two full 8’s every day. This has allowed the team to foster some good competition which leads to good boat speed. The more you race, the faster you go. We are racing a Varsity 8 and a 2nd 8 at the Flicks and both events are a challenging step up – it is big boy racing and the boats are up to the task. With the chaotic nature of the first two Flicks we don’t have a good idea where we stand so the 5th Flick on April 23rd will be our first opportunity to gauge our performance.

The Novice Boys raced a 4+ at the 4th Flick and dominated their flight with a win of 17 seconds. It was only their second time in a 4+ and it had only been a week since they started rowing all eight in the 8! There is a lot of height in this group which will serve them well this season. Coach Jake and Coach Pete are ready to get them back in the 8 and see what they can do.

Pictured (L-R): Coach Chris, Ian Quain, Griffin Reath, Forrest, Jason Doyle, Will Murphy, Jamie Stueteville, Thomas Worth, Ayden Wardius, Izzy Tayoun.


Girl’s Update (from Coach Kim):

The varsity girls have been working hard, making the most of having only 10 athletes. After racing the Third Flick in an eight they broke into two fours to focus more on technique, resulting in two happy crews after the Fourth Flick. Spring break was spent mostly on technique with huge improvements made by all the athletes. We are looking forward to racing in the JV eight category for the next few races. The girls continue to build speed and confidence in their abilities and I am excited so see what they can do on race day.

Pictured (L-R): Maegan Hailey, Natalie Savaiko, Sarah Weir, Eliza Worth, Carly Hutter, Coach Kim


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