The Boys Novice 8+ Win Silver at Mid Atlantic Nationals

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The Boys Novice 8+ Win Silver at Mid Atlantic Nationals

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Over the weekend, our team competed at the USRowing Mid-Atlantic Youth Championships regatta on Mercer Lake in New Jersey. We raced several fast teams that we have not competed against yet this season because this regatta was a Club event rather than Scholastic. Club refers to the students that are competing in the boats. When a team races as Club, the athletes can attend various schools but row as one team. For example, both Newport Rowing Club and WYRA are local Club teams that competed at the USRowing Mid-Atlantic Youth Championships. When a team is classified as Scholastic, all the athletes must attend the same school. The Flicks and City Championships, as well as, Stotesbury are Scholastic Regattas.Just a quick summary of the weekend of racing. Thanks again to all the parents that came out to support us and a special thanks to all the mom’s who came out today to cheer on the boats. I would also like to thank Ben Horine for being my wingman this weekend with the trailer and for helping out at the end of the racing.

The regatta was a great tune-up for Stotesbury and a fantastic experience for everyone to get a good feel for championship level, 6 boat racing. It didn’t hurt that we had two boats get to experience racing most of their race looking at the backs of all their competitors.

U17 8+ – Silver Medal! (6 boats total) Another medal winning performance from our youngest oarsmen and a great race to watch. They led for about 1700 meters of the 2000 meters but couldn’t hold off a hard charging Mountain Lakes Club boat who beat them by 2 seconds at the line. Check out pictures here. 233, 234 and 239 are of this boat. 239 is photographic evidence that Cole did indeed almost lose his breakfast at the finish line. That is the kind of effort we want! The whole series from 231 to 239 is great, showing the Mountain Lakes boat crossing 6 seats ahead of us. Here is the picture of the medal ceremony.

Novice 4+ – 5th Overall – (14 boats total) They raced themselves in to the final on Sunday with a great Heat on Saturday, leading for most of the race. Despite going 8 seconds faster on Sunday in the final they were unable to improve on the 5th place qualifying time. No doubt the “Bucket Hat” 4 had a good time though, and despite being disappointed with today’s row, the raced both races with all out efforts and improved a ton in the four days they spent rowing this boat. Many of the boats they raced were racing their 4 all spring. Here is their picture.

2nd 4+ – 5th in their Heat, 8th fastest qualifying time (20 boats total) – Unfortunately random heat assignments found us in what turned out to be the fastest heat. The guys fought all the way down the course but missed qualifying for the semis by 1.6 seconds. They would have easily qualified had they been in either of the other two heats. These guys relished the race though and felt like it was as fast as they could have gone. They too improved a ton this week and it was great to see them so satisfied with their effort. Here is their racing picture.

Varsity 4+ – 6th in their Heat – We learned a few things to focus on in the next two weeks as this boat continues to build to Stotes. Racing at high ratings and working on sprinting will hopefully add the speed we need to advance to the semi’s out of the time trial format. Here and here are pictures of this boat racing.

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