PSRA City Championships

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PSRA City Championships

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On Sunday, May 1st, our team competed in the competitive PSRA City Championships on the Schuylkill River. A steady rain throughout the day kept the water relatively calm for the athletes but made it difficult to stay dry and warm for the finals in the afternoon.

Our first race of the day was the Girls Novice Four. With the possibility of afternoon races being cancelled due to potential thunder, they pushed themselves to place well in the time trial. They covered the course with a time of 6:29.02, which was enough to secure a place in the afternoon final. With the thunder holding off, the finals proceeded as scheduled and the novice four raced again in typical sprint race style. The six novice fours lined up with a floating start and raced to the finish line. Our four was strong off the start and managed to secure a third place overall finish and take home bronze medals.

Our Girls JV Four competed in a competitive field of 29 boats. They had a solid time and overtook a crew on their way to the finish line. They finished with a time of 6:11.69, a 14th place overall finish. Crews that advanced to the afternoon final completed the course in less than 6 minutes.

Our Girls Varsity Four had good rhythm throughout their race but lacked some of their drive from last week. They finished the course in 6:23.06 for an 11th place overall finish.


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